Laser Specific documents for the laser cutter, such as materials speeds and feeds, recommendations and anything else. Induction/Training A place to announce, request and discuss training for Makerspace equipment. Wanted The Wanted category is a list of all the things we would like to have available in the Makerspace. Inventory This category is an inventory catalogue of tools and other items currently at the Makerspace, or readily available on request.
About the Equipment category [Equipment] (1)
Equipment Summary [Equipment] (5)

This is a summary list of what we need, and what we have. Things We Have Machines: :green_heart: Laser Cutter - 50W Chinese Laser. :green_heart: 3D Printer - At least one Prusa Mendel. :green_heart: Model Lathe - A…

Laser Rotary Axis [Wanted] (6)
Desoldering station [Wanted] (5)
Singer Sewing Machine [Inventory] (7)
3D printing with the Makerspace printer [Induction/Training] (7)
Laser Cutter [Inventory] (8)
Vinyl Cutter [Wanted] (4)
Band Saw [Equipment] (1)
6.8mm drill bit for M8 tapping [Equipment] (3)
Laser cutter capabilities [Equipment] (5)
Scroll Saw [Equipment] (1)
Vacuum Former [Wanted] (5)
Insulated tuck shop or fridge [Wanted] (7)
Spare Laser for Blue Laser Cutter [Inventory] (5)
Laser Head Alignment [Equipment] (1)
3D Printer - SD Card [Inventory] (2)
Plug cutting bit? [Equipment] (2)
Makerspace Windows Workstation [Wanted] (6)
[Fulfilling] Dremel Accessory Set [Wanted] (1)
Set of Needle Files [Inventory] (1)
Comprehensive Driver Bit set [Inventory] (1)
Pull down, ceiling mountable, projector screen [Wanted] (4)
Chemicals [Inventory] (2)
Autodesk Fusion 360 CAM `Post` DXF laser output [Equipment] (2)
LED Lighting - 3D Printer [Wanted] (2)
Milling Machine (21% Funded) ( 2 ) [Wanted] (22)
Current limiting power supply [Wanted] (2)
Whiteboard [Inventory] (7)
Networking Gear [Inventory] (1)