Current limiting power supply

Such as this:

Although I’ve seen these at around £35 instead of the £50 they want currently. Is that Brexiteering?

Already needed it twice in the space, there’s a borrowed one there at the moment.

Surprised we don’t have one already - although I believe at GG we often used @gingebot’s LCD PSU that he had.

Is there anyone out there who has a PSU to donate to the space? :slight_smile: Always worth asking!

Alternatively @Macaba might have some comments on power supplies. I’d be very interested to hear of the total cost of his DIY solution that was rather hefty.

Could use a linear L200C regulator ic. There is a circuit on Circuit Exchange International website… schematics/power circuits/23 Current limited power supply. Have delivered a few components to Guildford Boiler Room and purchased a few rotary switches, power resistors etc. Be attending on June 14th.

Now decided to clear away the components/case etc. to make more room on bench as I"m not yet a full member. Be attending tomorrow Friday where hopefully can get signed up. A major problem is the current selection switch as the open stacked style wafer type have been superseded by the enclosed type.