Makerspace Windows Workstation

Currently in the space we have a Mac Mini (mid 2007 model) running OS X Lion and a macbook running linux.

Challenges we have is that no current space computer can run laser cutter software and checking/ editing CAD models for cutting or 3D printing is slow to impossible.

I suggest we need a reasonably powerful pc running windows, this could be build from donated components, bought from donations or someone old pc.


+1 to this! It would be utterly fab if we could have something like this, even if it’s just capable of running the laser software I’d be happy.

I vaguely (very vaguely) recall someone mentioning previously they might have a machine or two to donate - @InverseSandwich was this you, or is my memory even more vague? :slight_smile:

I did have an all-in-one under my desk at work however I struggled to get it to work - seemed like a dodgy processor or memory and the chance of getting it going again was pretty slim as these machines essentially have laptop motherboards with everything soldered on.

That said there’s usually something lying around so I’ll see what I can do.

I have a spare ThinkPad T410 I’m happy to donate, it should be plenty powerful enough to run fusion 360 and the various bits of software to control the laser cutter and 3d printer.

It has a windows 7 licence (currently has Ubuntu installed and I will be dban-ing it before handing it over) I don’t have the installation media. Has anyone got a windows7 DVD kicking about they can bring to the space?

You can download a windows 7 iso from

Awesome, I shall start on wiping the laptop and getting windows 7 installed! thanks @Piers :slight_smile: