Spare Laser for Blue Laser Cutter

Hi gang. Kraptv from the Richmond MakerLabs here. We noticed that we’ve got a spare ‘new in box’ laser that was intended for the blue laser cutter that was refurbished and re-homed at SHM.

Not sure why we didn’t include it in the first place, but we’d like to reclaim the space as we’re running out of space in Little House.

We now have four large laser boxes and would like to reclaim the space. Having a spare laser is a very good thing in a makerspace, so I’d imagine you’d be keen to grab it.

Would someone be willing to come to Ham and pick it up? (And possibly re-home or dispose of the other laser tubes we have as well?)

A token ‘donation’ to the original owner would be nice, but really we’d just like to see it be useful for a good cause.

Let me know.

Hi there @kraptv, welcome to our little corner of the internet.

We would certainly be interested in the tube, I’d be happy to pick it up as I’m a short jaunt up the M3 from you guys - sadly I am travelling with work over the next couple of weeks but will be free after that.

Am I right in thinking that tubes have some sort of shelf life? If I recall we had some advice to keep a set of optics handy but to grab a tube when we needed it.



Hi Chris,

No problem on the timetable for picking stuff up - I appreciate the response! Not sure about shelf-life, but ideally something is better than nothing in a scenario like this.

We’ll keep in touch.

So I posted a few weeks ago… It’d be nice to clear the lasers out - any chance you’re available soon? Thank you @Jagmills !

hi @kraptv, sorry for the delay - I’ve been off galavanting with work over the past few weeks.

I’m back in the UK next week, are you guys free at all? I’ll be able to pop up to collect pretty much any evening.