Laser Cutter Issues

Hi everyone, @Luke_Hewison has noticed that the laser cutter has started losing power when cutting as you get further from the top left of the bed.

For the time being please try to cut in that area if you can, or decrease your cut speed to compensate.

As soon as possible after the Sea Cadets’ Christmas Fair (3rd Dec) we will investigate further and hopefully fix the problem.

Work to do after the 3rd includes:

  • Clean the mirrors, lens, and end window of the laser tube
  • Realign the mirrors and lens
  • Perform ramp tests on different areas of the bed
  • Clean and lubricate rails
  • Check belts for wear and tension
  • Investigate any possible improvements / upgrades we could make

For the time being cutting larger objects (over 15cm or so) may be problematic, we apologise for any inconvenience.


The scan function seems to work just fine though :slight_smile: