Insulated tuck shop or fridge

As some may have noticed over the last week the space gets quite warm. Today I discovered hot enough to melt chocolate.

Areo, Mars and Bounty hot chocolate drinks available today.

I recommend we find a way to active or passively reduce the temperature of food items. If anyone has a spare mini fridge we could use/ borrow that would be brilliant.

I have a small peltier fridge ( and warmer … ) I’ll bring in later tonight :slight_smile:

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What happens if you just leave the door open? :smiley: (wishful thinking)

I really do think we’re going to have to invest in a cheap method of blocking out the sun. Perhaps some pallet wood Venetian blinds? Something placed in between the two windows should help quite a lot to keep the heat down.

How about some heat, reflective window film, a 1m square piece is around £8 on the bay.

This might be sacrilege but I feel I should point out that a fridge heats up the room that it resides in…

How about the mrdino approach?

Members are reminded that Health and Safety is their own personal responsibility and if they have concerns about overheating at the space they should ensure that they have the necessary PPE with them before leaving home for SHM.


Surrey and Hampshire BakedPotatoSpace :slight_smile:

I like the idea of this heat reflective film. If anyone at the space on Friday bumps into any Boileroom (oh now I get it! Boileroom!) staff members perhaps ask if they’re ok with this idea?