Vacuum Former

I also have a few of the rudimentary parts to make a vacuum former (old fridge pump to pull a vacuum, purged gas bottle for vacuum reservoir and a vacuum gauge) - The vacuum system could be multipurpose too, it could be used to run a vacuum table for a mill or vacuum bagging to make composites.

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Could be another good one for a group build :slight_smile: heating elements should be relatively easy to scavenge from microwaves or toasting ovens too.

Of possible interest relating to this:

Out-of-date kickstarter:

Sadly the link doesn’t work for me, but well, I am in Argentina so. :slight_smile:

I honestly think we would be able to have a good go at a DIY one. As we haven’t done one before, this might be a simpler and more achievable “group build” for a first try than say the furnace. I have quite a few heating elements salvaged from microwaves that would do a good job, and I wonder how compatible the laser plastic is for this.

Let’s start asking around and see if we can drum up some interest!

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I saw this in the flesh when I visited Makerversity at Somerset House the other week, they are one of the residents there, it looks very neat !

A vacuum former would be a great group build for the space.