Laser cutter capabilities

Howdy all,

Do we know what the maximum thickness of acrylic the laser cutter is capable of going through? I’m thinking I’d like to work with something like 8 or 10mm.


Hi there, I’m not sure of the absolute maximum for the material you have in mind. @JulianWarren has successfully cut 6mm acrylic using two passes. As it is, the laser happily cuts 3mm and one could picture that going to 4mm without problem, so 8mm seems feasible. How the kerf might vary at that depth would need checking.

The only other consideration is that the thickness of the acrylic seems to vary, so this could affect how any passes are needed…

Good to know, cheers! I might appear with some thicker acrylic at some point and find out what can and can’t be done.

Hi @oliverlc,

As a simple example, I often cut two sheets of 3mm acrylic in one pass (because I am lazy). As a simple rule of thumb, most 3mm acrylic sheets are cut at 5mm/s, and as we can only do 1mm/s increments in our speeds, two 3mm sheets (6mm) takes 2mm/s.

Anywhere upwards of 6mm means it will have to be cut in more than one pass - speeds below 1mm/s aren’t possible :slight_smile:

Thankfully the way the laser removes acrylic material is quite good for thickness - other materials, such as leather, create a char that the laser can’t pass through.

Would be very interesting to see how the thick stuff turns out!