3D Brexit made with a laser

Greetings Laser users
I have recently made quite a complex sculpture at SHM. Users of the laser cutter may be interested to know that this perspex structure is held together using threaded stainless steel rod or studding. And only the end most layers (disc shaped pieces) are glued to hide the locknuts. I don’t like to mention the ‘B’ word but the full title of this work - Brexit (movement in yellow and blue) - relates strongly to the polarised structure.3D-Brexit-(detail-2)

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Great work as usual, Russell - at first look I thought this was a digital render, not a physical thing you had made - likely an indication of its impressive complexity!

Thanks Chris, I only posted a detail of the work on the forum but if you look here there are more photos and a bit of a description - www.woldtgallery.com
Definitely learned some new tricks whilst making this, but super tedious to assemble.