Singer Sewing Machine

A great big thanks to @Heather for donating us a spiffing classic Singer Sewing machine !


And a round of applause to @Takumo for stripping it down and fettling all it’s parts so now it runs like a purring kitten!


Time to get your linen and start your grinning !

A-mazing it’s working now😅 Just under £35 well spent! If anyone could sort out an EBay item without an adequate description Leo could. A look at online instructions and let’s see what ‘Reginald’ can do🖤

I’m looking forward to Reginald induction sessions !

Awesome. Will have to bring some thead down when I eventually find the right zip

I’m not sure we have a great selection of needles yet, does anyone know what we might need to cover various materials ?

From what I remember we probably need two types - the ‘general purpose’ ones which do almost everything, and some heavy duty ones for things like denim and leather :slight_smile:

I’ve never gone with anything fancy - you can probably buy a set that includes a variety of thicknesses depending on what you’re trying to sew.