3D printing with the Makerspace printer

I’ve had mixed results this weekend, upgraded the Z axis on my Sienci Mill One (yay) but broke the router mount (boo). I have the STL file from Sienci to print a replacement, have downloaded Cura onto my MacBook and am looking at the various settings.

I added a printer to Cura, a Prusa i3, is that the model we have at the Makerspace? I’ve asked on the Sienci forum about the recommended printing settings for this part. The Cura defaults of 0.1 layer height and 20% infill are giving a print time of 7hrs 14mins. I’m doubting 20% will be enough infill, on the presumption that more infill == greater strength or rigidity, but I’m guessing at that also.

Do I need an induction to use the printer, or would anyone be prepared to guide me through my first print? I’m happy to bimble through myself but I’d feel pretty bad if I broke anything!


The space’s printer is a TVRRUG Prusa Mendel with tuned x/y/z steppings. If you have the STL we can slice it at the space, Currently the configured slicer is slic3r.

I’d be happy to guide you through your first print and point out the printer’s quirks.

When would you like to give it a try ?

Hi Matt,

Thank you! Tomorrow evening would be great, or probably any evening next week except Monday. Let me know when is best for you?

I think I’m going to select a smaller part to test with, I’ll have the STL file(s) with me on a USB and my laptop. The recommended settings for the router mount has a 90% infill and even with 0.2 layer depth is still coming out at nearly 7 hours to print. I’m going to print a test part with a recess for a hexagonal nut, to see if I could go thicker on the layer and still have a functional part.

Tonight should be fine, look forward to seeing you!

Excellent, thanks! I should be there at 7pm. I’ve drawn a simple test part with a hole and a hexagonal recess which are features on the final mount, but take ~15mins to print instead of 7 hours :slight_smile: It should let me get to grips with the basics and work out an acceptable layer depth for the final piece.

Thanks again for your help last night Matt, it was a really interesting and useful intro for me to 3d printing. Now to get to grips with OnShape again to tweak the router mount and another test part print before attempting the final print. Judging by how long the test part took, the final print might be a weekend job!

If you’d like to post the final STL file somewhere perhaps it could get printed when someone has a day at the space and can baby sit it printing.