Linux laptop with Steam client

Is there a laptop running Linux at the space that I could check something on? Or could I ask someone to bring one in? I would like to try out a Steam game’s Linux build. I am helping the developers and they haven’t done any testing on it. I would only need ~15 minutes. I am still hosting my own Debian server but I don’t have anything with a GUI at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

@AndrewPatience could you confirm, please?

We have a desktop running Ubuntu. The only laptop is a windows 7 machine.
I’m not sure what version but it’s in need of updating or a fresh install.

The Ubuntu desktop PC will do the trick. Can I drop in and install a game? I just want to check if the Linux port has any significant graphical issues and share the system information with the developers.

Unfortunately the desktop needs a OS update turns out it’s not been updated a long time. I’m planning to update it to Ubuntu 20.04 this week.

Yes your welcome to drop in and test the game.