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Please reply with links to websites that interests or amuse:

For all our budding artists stuck for a Bio, check out this one:


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How about Circuit Exchange International at Probably of electronic build block modular interest in addition to microcontroller.

How about - AI creates bad recipes

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@Takumo sent this strong contender in Slack earlier today.

Nicely presented gear information

Everything you ever wanted to know about woodworking.

For all of you with too much time on your hands and an interest in woodworking, the large collection of episodes of the seminal show, Norm Abram’s The New Yankee Workshop, is available here.

Seriously, don’t blame me if you find you don’t have any more free time!

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Radio from around the world to distract you- here.

Free open source online collaborative persistent whiteboard

How about this one, which kindly points to your cursor…

Cute :slight_smile:

Website address Circuit Exchange International.

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How about this one? Draw an iceberg and watch it float!

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I couldn’t resist … berg.

Finally I’ve done it not content with leather credit card wallets … I’ve launched a loyalty card wallet app … here :wink:

Found a good one!
Did anyone in the 90s watch “The Secret Life Of Machines” with Tim Hunkin?

Looks like he’s still making things, and has a YouTube channel here:

Need to measure your feet for an exact shoe fitting … ZoZo.

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Need the Babel fish of document format converters Pandoc will amaze you by morphing docx into epub or HTML5 into LaTex Beamer as well as hundreds of other format changes here.

Interesting talk. Dumb criminals.

Scratch Day conference, July 22nd
Brilliant Lidar Map