Virtual Open Evenings (discontinued)

We have a virtual Makerspace evenings every Tuesday and Friday from 8pm. is available to drop-in at any time.


Great idea Andrew. I’ve been doing a lot of synth soldering to while away my isolated hours so I will certainly join in when I’m doing so, especially Friday :slight_smile:


What sort of time will people be dropping in?

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I’m planning to have dinner first then join 7pm onwards.
Can be flexible though, i’m not going anywhere.

7 sounds good!
Will try to drop by.

Hmmm, doesn’t look like my version of Microsoft Edge is supported, lets try Chrome …

Great to see everyone who dropped in and that you are all well!

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Thank you to all that joined in with first virtual makerspace on friday. We are continuing to run every Tuesday and Friday from 7pm.

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Definitely nice to see some familiar makerspace faces. Claire and I won’t be along on Tuesday, but hopefully we’ll see you all again on Friday!

Looking forward to Friday - who’s coming along?

Anyone around now?
(Also, didn’t get password prompt…)

A bit late but I’m around now!

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Apologies I wasn’t around spent too long in the garden.
Regarding the password the group gets reset when the last person leaves. This means the the first person to join has to set the password. Until today I had joined early to set it up.

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Just checking if we’re still meeting Tuesdays & Fridays at 7? My password didn’t work last Friday :thinking:

Heather G.

We are, myself and Julian dropped by both last week, for a little while.
The possible issue is that the password isn’t “pre-set” - the first person to join needs to remember to set it…

If you are having issues nudge us via Facebook, maybe?

Does anyone know the current password for the room, my two favourites didn’t work? :slight_smile:


I just registered.

I found the it tech daunting, so this may be oversharing.

I am looking at a move to the district.

I renovate furniture and upholstery. I would like to like up with people with a craft interest.

I don’t work on a commercial basis, but I have stock at home which I need to accommodate. I know Makerspace is not about accommodation, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be interested to receive them.

Currently (in another part of the country) I rent a garage unit on a farm.

Best wishes

( I really can’t work it owing to infirmity of age)

Colin Penn

Anyone attending the virtual meeting this evening, I wanted to catch up with folk…

Just a bump to let everyone know these virtual sessions are still happening twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, though peak attendance is more in the 8-9pm range than earlier in the evening. Please drop by and saw hello if we haven’t seen you in a while.

We meet here.


For those who came to the AGM and would like to chat more often - please see the top of this post for details of how to talk to us on Tuesdays and Thursdays - usually someone there from ~8pm til after 10pm.
@AndrewPatience is this one worth “Pinning”?