SHM Stickers
Looked at this example which I would just use if it wasnt for the fact the URL goes to the old wiki.
I quite like the URL Font if anyone knows what it is?

Tried looking for just the logo, found this
Different font?

Logo.psd works fine.

Planning on getting some stickers. Looking at using @sarahlouise suggestion of Instantprint

I’m looking at their 37mm or 45mm circular stickers, currently 750 of them will cost £15 which I’m happy to do.

Any suggestions welcome.

Hey Andrew,

Awesome ! yeah that sticker design looks good, shame about it pointing to the old wiki…

Who owns and ? maybe it can be updated

id 52634
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
;ANSWER 3600 IN SOA 2016081900 43200 3600 604800 3601 1799 IN NS 1799 IN NS 1799 IN A 1799 IN MX 10 1799 IN MX 20 1799 IN MX 15 1799 IN MX 10 1799 IN MX 10 1799 IN TXT "v=spf1 ~all"

@AndrewPatience this Branding/logo.svg at master · SHMakerspace/Branding · GitHub is probably showing the wrong font your end because the fonts used are not installed on your system. You would need to install:

You can google how to install truetype fonts for the OS of your choice.

This would be @takumo :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I’m looking for the logo in the github repository, I can spot what I think is an older version in branding, is there a current one I haven’t spotted ? might be where you want to look?

Thanks Chris but those are all png’s not editable or scalable I need a version to submit to the press office at Innovate Guildford but it really needs a strap line added

@stochastic_forest I belive this is what you are after for editing.

I’ve installed all the github fonts now work well, now just need to figure out which one is the correct one to use or does is not matter.

Thanks @AndrewPatience , does that work for those that don’t have windows or own a copy of photoshop ?

I tried an inkscape plugin but it didn’t seem able to import it.

Andrew have you had any luck in opening that .psd file? I can’t seem to edit it, in GIMP or Inkscape. I’ve put a Github issue here :slight_smile:

The latest stuff is all in Inkscape. The original design was a PSD, but I converted it to SVG. The fonts are all in the repository, so small variations should be trivial to achieve.

Thanks @Cylindric , would you give me a pointer to the latest stuff ?

It’s the file “logo.svg” in the Logo folder in the branding repo.

That doesn’t have the right fonts on though does it ?

The downloaded file looks fine in inkscape :slight_smile:
As I had the fonts installed, this is a github, what you see isn’t what you get thing ?

Could someone add this logo which includes a strapline to the logo section of the repository for me as I don’t think I have access rights , many thanks :slight_smile:


@Jagmills thank you for that :slight_smile:

Having another look at our logo and discovered that the gears behind the logo, in Logo.psd are in different places than other versions. (or is it just me)?

Screenshot for those without photo editing software to hand.

Had a look at coming up with some other designs but I think the original simple design is still best.
Sticker Printout.pdf (465.2 KB) Printout with sizes of proposed stickers,

I like the text around the edge! I think my favourite is the top right one, which looks less ‘busy’ to me.
I also like the plain purple border too.

Some thoughts:

  • Maybe making the text grey would make the overall thing look less busy, but still has the tag line?
  • I like the addition of the glyphs - I would though. Wonder if there’s a way to include them but keep it all less busy still.
  • Do we want to add a QR code? As @Cylindric put it, “does anyone even use those any more?”