RDworks download link?

Hi - I wanted to install RDworks to prep/preview cutting files.
I tried v8, v7 and v6 from http://en.rd-acs.com/down.aspx, but Windows Defender thinks it contains Trojan: Win32/Rundas.B. Is this safe to ignore, or is there a better download location?

Hi Andrew,

Was good to meet you on Friday. I’ve sent you a private message to the ‘recommended’ version of RDWorks our laser uses; there is a wealth of information in the forum that is hidden to inducted laser members, remind me next time I see you and we can go through it.


Likewise - I had a good and productive time at the space, and it was great to meet you all - thanks.
Thanks for the download link. Windows Defender still does not like it, but since you have used this, I’ll assume it’s ok. I installed and it works.
Click ‘SaveToUFile’ - I get the same error as here: Interesting error message on RDWorks. I don’t have permission to follow the link you provided to that posting, but I am happy to wait until I see you next.

File > Save as: filename.rld works fine.
I guess that is better than the SaveToUFile button (which creates a filename.rd)