Interesting error message on RDWorks

Hey all (and @laser_users)

I’m getting this error message in RDWorks - is this normal? Or should I be worried?

Interesting :slight_smile: have you installed the English language pack and changed it? There’s a forum thread somewhere that describes how to do that, and it’s worth it to avoid cryptic things like this.

It’s right here:

No dice unfortunately - I’ve switched between Other and English and the error message remains! Also uninstalled and re-installed but it hasn’t helped…

Oh dear! When is it happening/appearing?

After I try to save to Udisk - I was wondering if it might be the reason why I was struggling to upload my files to the laser cutter. I’ll be coming down to the space and crossing my fingers tomorrow but thought if it was something simple I could fix in advance it’d be worth it!