Christmas Celebration of SHM

As the Winter approaches, the planning of Christmas party begins. The SHM Christmas / Winter meet up, party or dinner is in need of organising.

If you are interested in joining in, please add your self below.
Please comment if you have any ideas for where and when.

  • I’m Interested - Christmas Party.
  • Christmas is too busy - early winter please.
  • I’ve got too many other commitments.

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The first suggestion is a Indian meal at RAVIZ (Jeffries Passage, Guildford).

I feel it would make a change from the many other Christmas meals.

Sounds excellent! Would really like to be able to make this provided it can be fitted around gigs, etc.
As far as “normal” Makerspace dates go, Dec 7th, 18th, 21st look OK (though the usual voting system may be the way to go).

I’d be free late December. 11th onwards… Or January when the restaurants are quieter and have sales on xD

Here is one option for the Christmas meal, an Indian restaurant in Jeffries Passage Guildford, Raviz.

If we have 8 people they can offer a Christmas menu.
It’s not that cheap at £32 but does a number of courses.

Or we could just book a table and go from the Al a Carte menu which should work out cheaper, the website doesn’t have prices, I’ll try to pick them up soon.

Tuesdays were a good night for them, Fridays were fully booked I think.

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I’m up for eating out just about anywhere, the only food so far I’ve found I can’t stand is chicken’s feet, so as long as it’s not chicken’s feet I’m in!

I’ve eaten up Jeffries Passage several times and has been enjoyable on every occasion, not tried Raviz yet, so would be up for it.

Think I’ll be away from the 20th likely until new year, anytime (ISH) before would work for me.

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That menu looks lovely (I have never seen pre-dessert listed before :wink: )

Just need to sort out some possible dates - if going for a Tuesday, not 4th or 11th of December as we’ll be out doing ukulele-related things…


Those at the space this evening have decided the dates are below please select which you can attend. Please reply by Friday 7th December.

  • Tuesday 18th
  • Wednesday 19th

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Sadly I am available neither date. Have fun and scoff a lot for me :slight_smile:

Sadly I thought that might be the case.

I’d probably prefer to order off the menu cause money and kinda fussy with Indian xD
Scratch that. Just seen the menus online. XD

The Spirit of Awesomeness has clearly smiled upon me. Both the dates I can do as they are just after I get back from Malta :sunglasses::christmas_tree:
Hoping for Tuesday as I’ve got another Christmas party during the day on Wednesday. And my diamond shoes are too tight! :gem:

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I assume the date has been finalised then…? (Seeing one of the other threads).

Bumping this thread again, apologies for the spamming, but I am still seeking to find out which date was chosen. Diary is rather full so planning gets a bit chaotic this time of year).
Please can you confirm the time also?


Our 2018 Christmas meal will be Tuesday 18th for all current and recent members.
My thoughts are to eat at 7.30pm, if there are no objections.

We plan to eat at Raviz Indian restaurant in Jeffries Passage Guildford.
This booking needs to be made ASAP. So please confirm attendance.
Apologies for the last minute decision.

Currently the following have expressed interest in coming;

Count me in captian Patience! Thanks for organising!

So glad someone else was the social secretary!! I’ll be there for sure :gift:

I checked in with Raviz tonight, next Tuesday at 7:00pm is available. If we can firm up numbers so we can confirm with them what are requirements are. I think from memory we needed 8 opt ins for the Christmas menu.

Should be a very enjoyable evening :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, will need to check a few other things before potentially confirming… (busy few weeks!)

Fingers crossed you can make it !