Christmas Celebration of SHM


Confirmed for myself and Julian - however, we’ll not be going for the Christmas menu.
We don’t have huge appetites, plus I have a work Christmas meal earlier in the day (so we’ll be better off sharing a few smaller dishes).

See you all then :slight_smile:

With the addition of @peterc that makes 8 confirmed and 6 for the Christmas menu.

Does anyone know if @wamonite and @RedDunc are still interested in joining the festivities and what their menu choice might be ? :slight_smile:

Yes I’m still interested.

My first menu choice would be Al a Carte


honey smoked salmon
Corn Fed Chicken in roasted coriander and coconut jus
Pulao Rice
mint and ginger

Thanks to Andrew and Matt for organising it.


The good news is we have a table booked for 9 people at 7:30pm tomorrow at Raviz :slight_smile:

The slight complication is that the restaurant wasn’t too happy with mixing A La Carte with the Christmas menu as that made serving times complex.

They’ve offered us a discount if we all have the fixed menu which includes several sharing pates, so I’ve booked the table on that understanding. I’m hoping we can work it out so that no one pays more than they had intended for their meal.

I hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to everyone.

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Hi all, had hoped to but unfortunately can’t make it along. Have a great evening!

Sorry to hear you can’t make it !

Thank you to everyone that came to our Christmas dinner last night. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

Thank you to @stochastic_forest for arranging the fabulous Indian banquet.

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