Young man looking for a one year placement as a computer programmer

The son of a friend of mine is currently doing what we used to call a sandwich degree in Computer Science at Bath University. This involves a placement in Industry for a year and nowadays they seem to place the responsibility for finding that placement on the young people. (In my day, blue chip employers used to snap such students up but these days I suspect that they are too busy avoiding paying tax.)

The young man is looking for work involving at least some programming but also, if possible, exposure to the professional design process. He doesn’t have any particular sector in mind, and will consider
anything that would provide him with an interesting experience.

He has a car and a driving license so, in the first instance, anything up to around an hour commute
from Camberley (hence me posting here…) would be of interest.

If anyone is interested in taking this further or knows anyone who might be interested in taking this further, please contact me off list.

The company I work at (BAE Systems) have an Industrial Placement scheme amongst other opportunities.

My placement didn’t do me any harm:

Though I’d recommend he move and live within walking distance… but each to their own.