Woking Makerday - Sunday 4th June 2017

The Guildford library are holding a Maker Festival in Woking Library on the 4th of June this year. We have a table allocated for us and also the potential for running a workshop for around ten people if we can offer a suggestion of a topic in the near future.

Any ideas people ? :slight_smile:

Shrimps were mentioned at the AGM, and were indeed very popular - perhaps a Shrimp making/programming class where they can buy kits off us?


Registration for the free Woking Makerday event, for those not on stand duty, is now available on Eventbrite

Happy to turn up and help man the stall / bring projects - presume no need for registration for that?

Great to have you as usual, I haven’t been advised of any need to register volunteers, so it should be fine :slight_smile:

We have the opportunity to run a workshop at the Woking Makerday, there is the possibility of charging for this, but we need to come up with an idea and let the Surrey Library Service pretty quickly if we would like to put one on.

Ideas anyone ?

How about Albert’s conductive paint / make a greetings card with LEDs that light up, sort of thing?

Thanks for the excellent ideas last night people, I look forward to seeing what the prototype might look like !

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Was there any progress on Friday?

Please could I ask someone with admin rights to our public Facebook page to link to this Facebook event the library has created?
It allows you to invite people, so if you use FB and know anyone interested, do add them :slight_smile:

It might be useful to have a simple circuit diagram for workshop attendees, I don’t if anyone has time to produce one ?

A few questions:

  1. when should we aim to arrive? (Facebook event says 11, so assume 30+ mins before that?) - If in doubt, those parking at ours, tell us when you will arrive and we can head over en masse!
  2. Refreshments - I presume since not a “branded” makerfair we should take our own? (easy enough to organise, but nice to know!)

Hi Claire,

I’ve made you and Julian admins of the page and posted a link to the Makerday :slight_smile:

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@gingebot The heart gears are always very popular, might they up to another outing this weekend ? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how much the are will be prepared/cleared away before our arrival, we may have to source/setup tables/chairs for the exhibits and workshops which we are running at 12:00pm and 2:00pm so I’m aiming to arrive at 10:00am, access is available from around 9:30am.

What I suggest is park at ours, tap on the door and we can head over

I’ve 30 conductive tape fathers day cards ready for Sunday.
The kit includes the card, envelope, conductive tape, 3V battery and RGB flashing LED.
I’ve put a bit of branding on the back. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking £3 for 1 and £5 for 2.

Checking with my kids they preferred to be able to colour them in rather than coming pre-coloured.
In this way the final cards have that personal touch.

I can either bring them to Claire/Julian’s before Sunday or bring them with me on Sunday. I’ve registered to attend with the 3 kids.

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You are a star, they look great !

Does anyone have some nice/interesting laser cut items we could display to show off our capabilities ?

A big thanks to @AndrewPatience and @JulianWarren for stoically running the blue box workshops on Sunday and improvising when the variance of acrylic materials became apparent!

Also thakns to @Claire_Lonsdale for tirelessly answering a stream of questions on the stand for the whole 4 hours and to @Winkleink for supplying us with father’s day cards to sell.

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