Assuming it works, worth it?
£39inc shipping


@James_Donovan Here’s my view, most of the items shown there cost at most a few pounds on the slow boat from china. At best 30ukp might be fair value, you may or may not get around to using all the individual bits, on the other hand it does save you the pfaff of hunting down a large variety of things …

Often it’ll come with a project book, which can obviously be hit and miss but it makes a good package for someone interested in picking up things.
If the book uses all of those components and takes you through a variety of projects to try, then it’s a great learning tool.

However I just noticed the £307 ‘RRP’, hahahahaha. No. As @stochastic_forest said, most of those things can be aquired for a low price. Be wary of the tricks used to inflate the product’s value to you! :slight_smile:

A friend of mine bought this:

And it’s really excellent; the tutorials are written in acceptable English.

The equivalent to your link would be:

And the tutorials can be seen here:

If you don’t know any Arduino and this is a learning opportunity for you; it’s a bargain. The amount of time it would take to source all these parts and find decent learning material would be unbelievably high.