Wifi (IP) Camera

This is my current project, so far I have failed but I’m learning.
Some time ago, somebody said that I the things I play with were interesting and I should put them on a blog.
Interesting idea, but I had no idea what a blog was, bit of Google and I have a blog.
I put details of all my projects in that blog, so rather than repeat it all, see here:

That was my failure up to now, this is my new attempt:

(or rather, the start point of my new attempt).

When I have something that I think may be of interest then I will bring it to Hackspace and show.
If you guys are not interested then please say and I will shut up.


If anyone is interested on progress on this, I’ve completed playing with ST32F4Discovery platform. I’m now well into creating a small cheap Wifi Camera. For full details see here:
I now have a netbook, so once I have something worth seeing then I’ll load up the netbook, drop into Hackspace and show it.

Step 1: Create a small cheap Wifi Camera. 720p video to any device with a standard web browser.
Step 2: Add Audio, some camera movement (micro stepper motors).
Step 3: Full Drone (small, cheap, light, good flying time, full video / control).