Why pay for Pandora?

When my sale-reduced Pandora Christmas charm came out of quarantine this morning, it was time to hack a suitable rope chain out of my discarded collection of necklaces. Not ‘charming’ to pay for a Pandora chain regardless of Black Friday, you see…
So starting with a statement necklace from TK Maxx comprised of a rope chain connected to black leather thonging and a giant silver heart and black tassel, then joined at the top by a thematically massive oversized lobster clasp and hoop with extender that ended with a thick silver tag (for extra weight) declaring the name of the B-list designer ENVY, I removed all that superfluous flounce and set to work joining things up in a manner befitting my understated silver star charm (Pandora claims it’s a ‘snowflake’ but I think it is whatever I say it is).
After fiddling with the smallest feasible jump ring I could find to connect the centre part without obstructing the tunnel of the charm, then adding a salvaged extender finished off with a salvaged end-ball on one end and a tasteful new silver heart clasp component from a craft shop, my posh Christmas sparkly necklace is a goer!
(And I’m all out of sensibly-sized jump rings!)

Very pleased. I will wear this on the day :santa: