Where are meetings taking place?

Since when Covid lockdown occurred, I wondered where the open meetings are taking place, other than the Boiler Room.

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Regular meetings have been taking place virtually, using Jitsi. @stochastic_forest or @AndrewPatience could provide you with details if you wish to drop by.

Hi makerspace, can anyone provide some more details about the model/metal lathe you have listed on the equipment list ?
Assuming I need to come in for training (and your open), I had late August in mind.

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone here can help, plus trying to navigate this as a newbie.

I’m getting in touch from the new community space ZERO that’s just opened in Guildford. Between McDonalds and Tk Max. We’ve open a space with the aim of helping Guildford reach net Zero by 2030.

At the space we have a green book share, eco cinema, exhibitions, book launches, interactive projector, a cafe and many more things.

I hoping that people here would be interested in doing a repair cafe at the Centre every so often. We have the building, facilities and of course the cafe !! We’ll also do all the advertising. We just need your expertise to help come and repair stuff.

If you or anyone you know would like to do this then please get in contact with me, Charlie on charles_finals@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you !!

Hi @charliechap!
We’ve been occasionally involved in Repair Cafes in the Guildford area before (but haven’t since COVID), this might be something we could do.
Of particular interest to @AndrewPatience, @stochastic_forest, @Heather ?

Hi Claire,
Thanks for putting a shout out, appreciate it. Hopefully one or two might find it interesting to start the repair shop up again :wink:
in the mean time here’s the link https://www.zerocarbonguildford.org
Grand opening this Saturday, yay