When is a good time to visit; I think I want to be a member?

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Happy New Year to all you makers! I am interested in joining - the idea of being part of a regular community of makers appeals to me and I have a couple of projects to start soon that I think would be helped by using tools that I don’t have. Plus, of course, the odd dose of “I would do it this way if I were you” would always be welcome!
What would be a good evening for me to come along to meet some of you and see what’s what?

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Hello there, welcome to the forum!

Thank you for dropping by. If you can make it, tonight is an excellent evening to drop in and get to meet some of the members. We are around from about 6:30pm.

If that’s a little rushed we have regular open evenings on Tuesday and Friday evenings each week, again from about 6:30pm.

We are located upstairs at the Boileroom in Guildford near Waitrose. Entry is around the back through the garden, follow signs for the Tattoo Studio, it’s through a garden gate, then a large black metal door, then upstairs and along the landing.

Look forward to meeting soon and chatting about your projects.

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@stochastic_forest beat me to it :slight_smile:

Welcome @steeplekeeper, only thing i would ask is what kind of projects are you interested in? Look forward to also meeting you soon, and Happy New Year!

Thanks to both of you. Next week I can manage both the Tuesday and Friday; which is going to work out best?

My projects:
One project is to make position sensors to “computerise” church bells. I actually am a steeple keeper - I look after the bells in Haslemere. The two main functions of the computer for us are, a) a data logger to analyse how good the ringing is and b) silent practice (to avoid annoying the neighbours; you silence the bells by immobilising the clappers and the computer plays samples triggered by the sensors, at a volume that only the ringers can hear ).
I need to make mounts/brackets, pcbs with a few components, terminations etc. I will use commercial splash proof boxes with glands. The electronics and software are well enough sorted but I know that I will make a much better job with the right tools and the all important odd bit of help and collaboration here and there.

The second project is to make an automaton of “hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle” run by electronics/motors/solenoids rather than a crank, cams and rods. It would be my first go with motors so I will need several prototypes and some anguished groans, but none audible, I promise! I don’t know yet whether the charm of automata will be crushed by the unnatural sounds it will inevitably make.

Those sounds like some excellent projects @steeplekeeper, particularly interested in hearing how you recreate the sound samples for silent practice.

The laser cutter and 3D printer can definitely come in handy for custom mounting hardware and several members have experience of PCB design.

Both Tuesday and Friday can work. Tuesday tends to be quieter if you want to spend a little more time discussing your needs.

Look forward to chatting whichever day you decide to visit!