What is your Lockdown Project?

Originally published at: https://www.shmakerspace.org/2020/06/01/what-is-your-lockdown-project/

While the space has been closed we would love to hear what projects members have been working on. Please post a picture on the forum of your project or leave a comment.

Here’s a subset of items I have sewn, spun, dyed, carded or otherwise cajoled into shape since lockdown (you did ask for it!)

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My main project is getting the heavy aluminium Shaper Cube 3d printer working. All new wiring and controller. And also tried some mat weaving.

8.4 m 1.3ton install of my project When Things Come Apart. It’s been under tarpaulin for 18 months. Now it’s on my driveway in Hampshire entertaining the neighbours and Amazon delivery people. She’s dropped her torch. This iteration is now called MIC DROP. If anyone had a stone and would like to take footage of her, I would love that!!!

Has a drone - not a stone!

Finished stitching some boots!
The wooden lasts are in, and soles need attaching.

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I recently got a 3D printer… Here are the first three major “prop” projects I have been working on, I have learned a lot already and plan to get better, but here they are :slight_smile:ACS_0042 ACS_0043 CEB00B71-44DA-461A-BE3E-1EAEF12676BE

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Latest lockdown project is (unsurprisingly) hoarding fabric.
Aim here is one skirt and a few dresses.

Skirt completed, all hand stitched.