What 3 words

Fun to play with - what 3 words describe the Makerspace location?
Or places we’ve done events?

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twins.debate.views is a nice one

If we ever get a forge … small.strike.heat would seem very appropriate.

As a cartographer, I’ve never understood why people like what three words.

You can’t use it to estimate distance like you can with latitude. (1 degee of latitude = 111km).

You don’t know if a random three words are near another random three words - which you know with coordinates.

You need a special app to get or use the three words which will take your personal data etc, instead of just using the free, common system which has been used for literally centuries.

True, but there are cases where it’s handy.
A colleague got stuck in a dangerous place on a motorway due to a car incident - it’s fairly straightforward to give the “what three words” to the emergency services via the app, it got him out of trouble.

People with phones tend to understand how to use phone apps. They probably know less about cartography. (Wouldn’t surprise me if many don’t travel with an actual map at all!)
So it could well be easier for them to give an app reference phone to 999, to explain where they were in an unfamiliar place, than work it out using a traditional map.

Depends on the person- I have friends and family who still prefer real maps!

But if you have your phone… there are innumerable apps that allow you to get your coordinates.

Also What3Words is language specific and it’s very easy to mispronounce, or miss hear a word on a phone call, whereas coordinates are number based and less prone to this.

I’d not thought of that, good point!

what 3 words is really nice app