Websites for leather working tools

Found via group I’m in, felt it useful to share :slight_smile:

Try these guys, they’ve been producing leatherworking tools since 1836. Still in the same family.

Urban exploration of their old premises!

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Reminder to @AndrewPatience KemovanCraft are also worth looking up!

Have to add a shout out for Le Provo Leathers for tools and sundries, as well as hides. If nothing else, the website will be a journey in to an earlier era!


Also GH Leathers
The basement in the shop is great for a rummage, but for now, use website (though I think I got a better deal for postage when buying via their Etsy shop instead).

Additionally, @stochastic_forest is this useful?
Could use some of that thonging?
Possible event/kit potential apart from attaching the snaps.