Website and Forum Downtime

Hi all,

I plan on doing some maintenance to the forum and wordpress sites tonight.
In this time window you may experience outages, errors, time dilation events, epiphanies and/or sudden sense of dread.
All of this is perfectly normal and if everything goes right, everything will be exactly the same as before :slight_smile:


Thanks. It looks like it’s back OK :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

The website is up but I had a tremendous amount of difficulty porting it over.
Turns out something was broken in an old version of Wordpress and it hadn’t updated itself in forever. Sadly this means the theme has changed and we lost some customisations of the appearance etc.

As it was late, I set a theme compatible with this version of Wordpress and did a small amount of work making it look good.
All the posts and images are still there, as is the content on the pages. Just needs a bit of work to drag the site kicking and screaming into the future :slight_smile:


Thanks Chris, your hard work on this really is greatly appreciated!

If anybody spots anything that’s broken with the blog or the website please post a reply here and we’ll try to get it sorted out as soon as possible.

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