Webshop Launch

Hi hackers!

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Webshop. This will sell products such as arduinos, tuck shop items, various sundries and anything else our members would like access to.

The idea is to buy items in bulk and apply a small mark up - so that on all products they will be cheaper than is otherwise commercially available, but with a small portion of its value going back into the shop and/or the space as a donation. Everyone wins!

It will also serve as our method for charging for laser cutter usage, by selling materials with a small percentage increase to accomodate for wear and tear of the optics and laser tube.

I’ve been wrangling with Magento, a version of eCommerce software, for the past few days and have finally gotten it under control :slight_smile:

At the moment you’ll notice that we actually do have some things for sale! It’s not a lot as I am yet to order some stock of various bits and bobs, however everything you see on the website currently can be bought and purchased through the system.

At the moment I have limited the payment methods to paying for your goods when you pick them up from the space. This can be through a special tin like we have for the tuck box, or with our fancy pants PayPal card reader. I will expand this though so you can pay through PayPal on the webshop itself at some point.

Please do let me know if you have any suggestions for products you’d like to see on the shop.


Congrats on the webshop @Jagmills, wonderful job!

The ssl cert on the webshop has expired

Thanks @popey, sadly it still doesn’t want to auto-update the certs. I’ll fix it.