WANTED - Programmer to connect Cricket Scoring software to Electronic Scoreboard

Hello Forum readers…

I’m a member of Guildford Cricket Club and their 1st XI scorer, the person responsible for keeping a record of cricket matches and displaying current scores and other statistics on an electronic scoreboard in the ground.

To operate our Scoreboard, we use a bespoke computer program that sends data via radio transmitter connected by USB and to a receiver and control board at the other end of the ground.

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have recently released new software to “score” a cricket match that outputs to electronic scoreboards, however, ours is not yet compatible. Our scoreboard’s American manufacturer is asking for an significant sum of money to develop new compitable software, which is something we can’t really afford.

So… we’re looking for a young aspiring programmer to come and give it a crack! We hope that a small add-on, or modification to the existing software might solve our problem.

If you fancy taking a look at the software first, it’s free to download from here:

and image of our electronic scoreboard (apologies for the 3 ugly-looking blokes standing in the way) can be found here:

As an extra feature, we’re also like to output a “virtual scoreboard” to a number of TV screens dotted around the pavilion (all networked together). Again, this should be something that the ECB’s software can enable with a little bit of web-design skills??!

Grateful for any help that can be provided…


Anthony Gamble
Guildford Cricket Club

Is any of the software open source?
If one has the source code, adding support for new things is easy.
Otherwise, its going to be difficult and expensive.