Veroboard - how do the experts cut it expertly

What’s the best way to cut verobard cleanly - not on the list of permitted substances for laser cutting! Any advice from any dinosaur that still uses veroboard wuld be welcome. I used to use an X-acto saw (unbranded copy actually) but that seems to have vanished from my toolboxes.
With best wishes from Steeplekeeper.
(I’ve not been in lately - not a sign of lack on willpower, lots of things cropped up. Also, sorry, I forgot to swipe out with my card on my last visit; all practical suggestions of how to remember to do that would be welcome)

Hey @steeplekeeper!

I have had good success with scoring the vero board copper-side first a few times, and snapping it. It usually is a little cleaner than other options - the FR4 fibreglass substrate dulls tools pretty quickly so this option is quite inexpensive.

Alternatively, a bandsaw or even a tilesaw are good options, as long as you have a guide to help you make a neat right angle cut. Again, make sure the copper side is facing up, so the cutting action severs the copper strips first - the other way round tends to make the strips peel off, which is no good for anyone.

As an aside for future: PCB fab houses are cheap these days, and even more so if you can be patient enough to endure the long shipping times. I can run a PCB design workshop if we gain enough interest, and if I can do it anyone can! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris, put me on your list for a PCB design workshop. And thanks for the cutting tips. I have a carbide cutter for scoring tiles which I will try.
Also, I still have “at the back of the shed” a diamond tile saw that runs in a waterbath that I used for a large terracotta tile floor - but getting it out and filling it up and drying it out and putting it away etc etc is too much of a pain for just a few cuts!
Also I remember when vero was made with SRBP - synthetic resin bonded paper, which didn’t blunt tools. Regards, Miles

Hi…I would like to add to the question. Is there any software application that can yield designs for veroboards? I have just discovered two modest shareware-programs
on Google. Regardless of whether they work, they were appallingly repetitive to utilize(constrained measure of parts and so on). Is there no business or completely created
program anyplace? An incredible in addition to would be if the program could peruse the
position that Multisim recoveries to, in this manner permitting me to spare time by not
structuring the entire circuit everywhere.