Useful Wood Company

Just found out about this community project in Woking. Need a supply of cheap wood for projects, or to help?
Worth a look.


What a great idea. I will have to pop in, it’s almost on my drive home!

Worth checking first, to see if it’s a day/time they are open. Volunteer-staffed so not the same hours of a normal shop.
They will take stuff away as well as sell.

Wonder if we could do some sort of collaboration to the benefit of both?

Thank you for this. What a lovely project. I tried to get involved with Mens Shed in Fleet a couple of years ago but it never really got off the ground. Places like this really change lives.

They’ve re-opened by the way - worth bearing in mind if you need supplies :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this, what an excellent project. I’m forever rescuing wood from skips and old furniture, I’ll have to pay them a visit.

Worth doing before that entire block in Woking gets demolished for redevelopment!