Useful Supplier Filter Links

I wanted to start a collection of pre-filtered links to useful items. Bear in mind that these links are likely to be very brittle so I intend to put a summary of the filtering criteria as well.


5mm PCB Terminal Blocks
[Filters - Keyword: ctb0100]

5.08mm PCB Terminal Blocks
[Filters - Keyword: ctb0108]

M3 Brass Hex Spacers
[Filters - Category: Supports & Spacers - Standoffs, Applied Filters: M3, Brass]

Panel Mount Circular Connectors
[Filters - Category: Circular Connectors With Contacts, Applied Filters: Manufacturer: Multicomp, Series: 2CM, 2CT, 2MT


1.75mm Filament
[Search: 1.75mm UK]
(I am evaluating this filament right now, is it too good to be true? Watch this space.)

3mm Filament
[Search: esun 3mm UK]


Update: Added Panel Mount Circular Connectors.

In the ‘Associated Products’ section on an item, there are a range of plugs (with 1M of cable already attached with free ends) and covers.

Update: Added new source of 3D printer filament. I am in the process of evaluating it for quality as the price is superb but is it too good to be true?

ESUN 1.75mm Purple ABS

It prints well and the smell is no worse than others (slightly sweeter than others I’ve used). It also happens to be the best colour of purple! I’ve not noticed any obvious flaws or indications that this filament costs half of the average cost.

I haven’t tried any delamination or mechanical testing.

What’s the postage cost and lead time from Hobbyking on the filament?

Also note that if you loiter on an item page, you might get a discount as per this pop-up:
One time only offer!
Hello shopper!
We noticed you’ve been looking at this product for a while and we would like to offer you a discount. If you click on the add to cart button below we can offer you this product for GBP6.20.
This offer will only show once.
If you leave this page or close this window you will not see this offer again.

£5.70 for 0.5kg of filament, £5.42 for next day delivery. Ordered at 2pm, arrived next day at 9am.

Obviously order multiple reels or other items (as I needed other items) to make the shipping worth it.

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