Updates to the Forum

Hi All,

There’s been a few changes to the forum today and I’d like to let everyone know what I’ve been up to.

New Domain

As the forum is currently run separately from the sh-hackspace.org.uk blog and wiki, I’ve moved it to a new domain, which you might have already noticed. The forum now lives at https://shm-forum.org.uk/


The whole forum is running over HTTPS which means things are just that bit more secure, look for the padlock in your browser. All data is now encrypted in transit using a trusted certificate.

E-mail Posting/Replies

You can now post and reply to posts via e-mail, while this isn’t really a new thing, it has in the past not been very reliable. I’ve some some work to it and it should now work reliably, and your posts should appear on the site within a minute or two of you sending your e-mail. If you have trouble still, feel free to PM me your issues.

A quick run-down of the e-mail addresses to send your messages to for creating new topics:

To reply to a post, just reply to the e-mail you receive and your post will be in reply.

Note: You still need to sign up for a forum account to post/reply by e-mail, you can do this the usual way, or using Github, Google or Twitter. E-mails sent from an address which isn’t associated with a forum account will not be posted.

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