Twitter Bot

How about a Twitter bot for tweeting 3D printer activity, lazer cutter activity, general space activity (open evenings)?

Any one interested?

Sounds like a good idea, I’m in!

So taking some learnings from the BigIoTHack, we can probably make use of some of the free computer vision stuff out in the “cloud” to help determine if there are actually people in the space or not.

I would also propose (perhaps another one) for taking photos of projects.
Basically a photo booth, some lighting, and a button that auto-tweets the photo it takes with something like #made@SHM :slight_smile:

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This might be the easier project to start with, nice and contained

So i have got an API key for my account so I can start playing around with this a little bit. Didn’t take too long for Twitter to approve my account for development work either (12 hours~).