I’ve not been able to find the time to get down as much as I used to.
Which has brought me to consider other options.

Specifically investing in my own 3D printer…
In the £200-£300 range, what would you recommend?
New or used, in a working condition.
Main prints would be a few tall dice towers and large ish sections for boat mold. (Yes that project is still alive)
I’m hoping to come up next week to do a last batch of laser cutting on cardboard.
Will miss you :frowning:


Sadly I have no printer advice available, hopefully someone else might. :slight_smile:
I’ll be there tomorrow if you need a big hug to help change your mind!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ve actually bought an A10M which has a mixer head. Carried out a few prints and getting used to the software.

I have a creality cr10s and they are good. If I was to get a second printer it might be the a10m (top of the list at the moment) as the dual head brings lots of opertunites and it relativly cheap. I think you made the right decision. Theres also a lot of youtube videos out ther to help get you stated and to sort out any problems you may have.