Tiny Machine Learning Course Harvard

Would anyone fancy following the Harvard Tiny Machine Learning Course from Harvard?

It seems to want to cover all the topics needed to place machine learning on edge computing/IOT type devices with low power and processing capabilities in a variety of application domains including, fault prediction, healthcare, agriculture, wildlife conservation.

I suspect this will be quite a fertile area of development over the coming years, I’m going to give it a whirl and see how much of it I complete.

The course has free access to materials for one month from now or indefinitely if you’d like a certification and pay a fee.

Work load is estimated at 2-4 hours a week, and will cover topics such as using Deep Learning, the Google CoLab platform, Arduino development and sensors.

I think they maybe targeting a specific hardware platform for some of the assignments, but I will probably just try to work around that and avoid buying the hardware.

Course details here.

@AndrewPatience I wondered if there might be any sensor data from some of the installations you are familiar with, where edge computing might help with maintenance/ fault prediction on site ?