This evening (16th July)

Who’s along, this evening?
Planning to come along (trains, weather etc permitting).
May continue with the nearly-done sweater of doom, or some leatherwork.

Anyone need help with sandal-making?

I will be there, assisting a kind wizard who dropped into our Slack yesterday to add a chin strap to his wizard hat.


I may also get the opportunity to work a bit more on my leather apron :slight_smile:

I can supply a quantity of leather thonging …

And if anyone wants to play with my dolls, they will have ask nicely !

Start a Makerspace home brewing project and have an evening of wine, women and thong?

Lol, am I down to do the whining this week … :slight_smile:

I also have some Portugese tarts I can bring to share this evening.