The Ultimate Toolbox of Ultimate Toolboxiness

So I’m currently on a quest - after it has been pointed out a rather embarrassing amount of times that I come fairly unprepared to the space - to finally finish my portable maker lab.

You may have already seen the bottom half, consisting of my rigol scope, solder station, hot air gun, power supply and bench multimeter. It’s time to furnish the top half!

I have a growing list of ultimate hand tools that I would like to include. Some rare, such as a sonic knife (this does actually exist) to just the best quality mundane tools, such as knipex super knips or wera screwdrivers.

Ill be working on the ultimate toolbox list, but would be interested to hear about the best tools in yours that you can’t live without!

Leathernan !! pretty much have it with me wherever I go :smile:
An arduino uno and some jumper wires is a handy tool to have too.