The Shedding'15

So the Great Bathrooming (2015) is complete, so it’s time to move on to The Shedding’15.

I have commenced planning for the build, and I thought it’s “makey” enough to warrant a build-log here :smile:

Lots of details still to iron out, but the plan is to end up with a rather acceptable maker-shed…


Looks really awesome. Hoping to get a shed in the coupe of years.

Is Leo going to attempt to print this , with a nozzle of giant size ? :wink:

You may want to make the grass area a little longer so that the concrete by the door is supported. :wink:

I enjoy the tasteful white cladding. Do you have room for double doors? Easy access is a nice feature.

The only parts that are correctly to scale are those directly impinging on the build - there is more grass* than that :slight_smile:

I might be able to get double doors in there, but I’m a bit hesitant to lose space on that end wall. It’s a good idea though.

Biggest problem right now is budgetary. I’ve only done quick costings based on retail prices from B&Q/Wickes/ScrewFix, but the cost of the cladding inside and out is, by far, the biggest cost of the whole project. Either need to find better suppliers, or compromise on the build quality.

*Actually there isn’t. We’ve had it all flattened, so right now more accurately: “there is more grass seed than that”

A progress update! I’ve been off all week burning myself in the sun, but the build is well and truly under way.

5th July: Starting to lay some blocks. The base is pretty un-level - more than can be compensated by a a bit more mortar at one end. Upwards of 15cm difference across the length.

I had to cast a collar on the wall to make it level.

6th July: The foot-plate is finally in-place and level. Ready for some carpentry now…

7th July: Now the primary uprights are tacked in place, from these all else is measured.

8th July: The vertical timbers are now done, and the noggins prepared.

9th July: The noggins are now all in, and so are all the roof rafters!

10th July: The roof membrane is fitted, as are all the battens and half the roof panels. The window is in too!

That’s going up quick and it seems to be a decent size, I guess this comes under permitted development planning rules.
Also I see that you have changed the design from 2 smaller windows to 1 large.

Yep, most restrictions on garden buildings are to do with height. Whole raft of issues if someone is going to be living in it.

The window plan changed because I found this window (actually two of them) for £10 on eBay :slight_smile:

12th July: The base is rendered, the roof is done, and the membrane is starting to go on. The comedy window-cleaner has been sacked.

14th July: The membrane is all fitted, as has a door - so it’s mostly weather-proof now. Cladding is starting to go on, and the soffits and guttering is up (but not cut to length yet).

Dad’s gone home now, and I’m back to work, so the pace is going to slow a bit. I’ve started fitting the internal insulation in the evenings, as that doesn’t involve any noisy power tools. Cutting massive sheets of polystyrene makes a LOT of mess though, even with a sharp knife.