The maker space now has a CNC machine!

Hi all, I’ve recently acquired a Roland CNC machine for the space. (Thank you Andrew for collecting!) It requires some setting up and an adapter purchasing for it as it currently only connects via a parallel port or a 25 pin serial port. It was designed to be run alongside windows 95/3.1 so it may be a while before it’s up and running as will probably need some software/hardware wizardry to get it to work with a modern OS. It needs a good clean and a new door making at some point. So if we have an acrylic bender I can get started on that.

I will update this thread with progress as it comes.

This machine is capable of engraving pretty much everything thrown at it, plus it’s able to cut through aluminium, steel, brass and copper.

Please note: you will need an induction to use this machine once it’s up and running.



Nice! Let me know if you get stuck with it at all! I have a few myself at home an upgraded 6040. And a full cabinet denford with vac table. What software will you be running for this?

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I’m going into this pretty much blind. I’ve got CNC experience but not with milling/engraving. mainly lasers, 3d printers etc. If you could recommend some stuff for me to look into I would really appreciate it!!

Looks fun i dont know much about roland engravers but is it a PNC2300a? did you get the roland software? should do wood and plastic routing, will engrave aluminium and brass tags with ease id be supprised if it routed ally plate tho. id start with getting the software and a pc with serial connected quick looks suggests it uses camm-GLi ,if you cant or its hidden behind a huge fee like my denford we could look at doing a G-code driver conversion and using mach3 or an offline controller.

Spotted this last night, looks fantastic!

Fantastic! I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do with this!

I spotted this on Github which might help - it is software to drive a CAMM3 - might be similar to that machine in the picture - looks like it has CAMM written on the top?

Ping me if you need help.

I am based in Bramley - reach out if you need an experienced engineer.

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