The Big IOT Hack 26th-28th April 2019

Microsoft and our friends at Pycom are sponsoring a hackathon in Basingstoke in association with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

The theme looks like it is sensor network based, probably LORA, with processing in the cloud, teams are required to produce a technical demonstration and business proposition to be presented to a panel. The winning contestants get 6 months support for a startup from SETsquared, a business incubator.

This feels like a good opportunity for SHM to field a team to take part, would anyone be interested in adding their skills to collaborate together for the weekend?

More details here.

Very interesting :slight_smile:

I think success would be boosted by preparing an idea ahead of time? Does anyone have any?

Yeah i would be up for this - i know some python type things :slight_smile:

Awesome, we should explore a few potential ideas ahead of the event!

Iā€™m interested in joining in. Although looking at the Eventbrite it looks like registration is now closed.

Watch this space ā€¦

In the meantime , details of the challenges are here.

Ooh very interesting. Quite a few different options.

And registration is back again.

so it is :slight_smile:

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Should I go ahead and register a team ? :slight_smile:

That would be very helpful if you could register us. I believe there are four of us. @stochastic_forest,@AndrewPatience, @Jagmills, @Strider2009.

Great, looks like it will be a fun and challenging weekend, 4 tickets reserved !

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Thank you for booking us all in. Just need to start figuring out a plan.

Latest information:

Thank you for registering for the BIG IoT Hack. Not long to go now before the kick off event tomorrow evening starting at 6.30pm.

Here is some important information about the venue and car parking.

Car parking at DeskLodge is limited and there are only 28 spaces available at the venue. If you come by car, please park only in bays number 44 to 72. If when you arrive there are no spaces left, please come to reception and we will give you a parking permit to use a public car park located 2 minutes away from DeskLodge.

The final programme has been published and you can download it at

And if you want to view the challenges, please go to

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Starting the day with Pycom workshop.DSC_0301

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Getting ready to present.DSC_0302

How did it go?

Somehow the judges failed to see the obvious brilliance of our idea :wink:

But it was a lot of fun !

I would absolutely love an update sometime, if possible, so I can live the IoT hack through you as proxies.
Iā€™d be very interested to hear what your project idea was :slight_smile:
Those Pycom boards look very shiny, too!

The idea was to detect Anti-Social Behaviour from CCTV cameras using Microsoft Azure Cognitive services, it was definitely embryonic rather than polished :wink:
Our presentation can be found here.