The Big Draw - Jack Brougham

This Saturday, Jack Brougham, with your help will be bringing to life a STEAM-powered creation! With help from famous scientitsts, artists, engineers and mathematicians from bygone eras; we will construct a mega-mural of machines of our very own creation!

If you could create a machine what would it be for? World peace, never-ending gobstoppers, a mobile phone that would never run out of battery? Could it make things; would it be big or small, does it make loud whirry noises or bleeps and lots of flashing lights? The choice is yours!

We were a couple of stands away from Jack at the Always the Sun Festival, he’s a really nice guy and had some fantastic drawings on display.

Is that the severed head of the last human being jettisoned from a flying space-TV belonging to our new robot overlords?

that works for me !