TeenTech Surrey Nov 2017

A big thanks to @Malcolm_Napier and TVRRUG for letting us participate in the TeenTech 2017 event at Surrey Sports Park introduing 3D printing to potential young designers and engineers.


And a big thank you to Matt from David and I.

As Matt will no doubt tell people based on his experience yesterday, these events are very full on and it is borderline impossible to do them with only two people. That is because of the format of the event.

However, the enthusiasm shown by the youngsters who attend and their reponse to 3d printing as a technology is very rewarding and we have feedback that says this is one of the most impactful activities at a very impactful event.

I hope that the event was also worthwhile for Matt and SHM in terms of making people in the Surrey business and education communities aware of SHM and what you guys offer.