TARDIS Workshop Project for Working Makerday

I’ve started designing a easy tardis model with LED on top for the Woking Makerday workshop. Thanks to @stochastic_forest and @JulianWarren for their help. So far @stochastic_forest and I have prototyped at design. tardis_project code revision 2.scad (2.6 KB)

This is a basic layout for laser cutting. Need to decide on a Tardis Version for ideas on side decal or other suggestions. This may be a usefull reference http://www.themindrobber.co.uk/tardis-police-box.html

Need to figure out the electronics rough idea of flashing blue LED on top and coin cell, could do with a on/off switch.

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I have now ordered power switches, cr2032 coin cells, LEDs and perspex sheets. Material costs are under £2 per person.

Tomorrow evening will work on a design for a 3D printed top part and design for sides.

I know we discussed whether we should solder the LED/battery connections, but I’ve just had a thought.
If we use WAGO connectors , such as these or these, we could get people to wire up the circuit themselves without the dangers of soldering and probably add less than 50p to the cost of materials for the kit. I’ll try and bring some along tonight to try out.

A big thanks to @AndrewPatience, @Claire_Lonsdale, @Folknology and @JulianWarren, many of whom stayed late into the night yesterday coming up with solutions for the workshop project!

Reservations for the workshop are coming in fast, we current have 8 places applied for.

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It would be nice to have each component of the kit numbered or identified in some way to make assembly simpler, would anyone have a fancy label printer we could use ?

Haha, maybe WAGOs are more dangerous? Those levers can take your fingers clean off! :smiley:

There should be a label printer at the space that Julian donated…

Is anyone up for preparing some assembly instructions/diagrams/photographs ?

Hi Matt, please can you email me a copy of the final cutting files so I can use them in the instructions!

Hi Julian,

No problem, I can mail then when I get to the space, not exactly sure when that will be, probably lunch time I think.

Thanks again to @AndrewPatience, @Claire_Lonsdale, @Folknology and @JulianWarren for all their hard work late into the night to make the workshop project a success !

Laser cutting for the Blue Box Workshop kits is underway, 4 produced so far !

How’s the cutting going Matt?
Also what shape did the hole in T1 end up being??

About 13 kits cut now.

It’s a recessed cylinder with a rectangular slot cut all the way through, though on some of the cuts it looks like the rectangle got moved off centre.

The SHM Laser Cutting Facility is closing down for the night, though it looks like tattooing is still available !

The instructions are now finished, I’ll print off enough for tomorrow!

Hi Julian,
that’s great, we need around 20 copies. I have a colour laser, I could try to print them off if you have a PDF and my black toner holds up :slight_smile: