SurreyEARS LED Event Tonight at UoS

SurreyEARS (University of Surrey’s Electronics & Amateur Radio Society) are hosting an LED Party event tonight which they shared on our FB page. I thought I’d share it here as I know not everybody uses FB!

Hi guys,
We want to let you know that SurreyEARS ( are running a welcome event for our new students which this year consists of an LED party held by our lake at the university. There should be a sizeable installation of big metre-cubed cubes around the lake, all controlled over the internet (lumos from EMFCamp), and a huge version of guitar hero provided by some students from Southampton university (Pulse from EMFCamp - can you see a pattern? ). There will also be a burger van or Dominos order TBD. The event starts around 6pm on 11th October (Tuesday), and runs until 11pm which should give us a decent amount of darkness to enjoy the lights.

It would be great if you could attend with as many interested people from your group who want to come (up to around twenty please) - we think it would be a nice chance to meet everyone. We understand from our sources that you might be moving to Guildford soon so in which case we like to this of this as a welcome event! We are also inviting the Guildford library digital team, who are starting out with a makerspace of their own.

Let us know if you can make it!

Kind regards,

Here’s a link to their public FB event for anyone interested:

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Thanks Julian, I might drop by for a short while to be awed by the amazing luminosity of the event !!

I am dropping by, currently in the Starbucks on Campus getting some wifi,
come find me if your around Matt

I hope the coffee is good!

I may not get there until about 9:30pm after I finish up at the space, I’ll keep an eye out to see if you are still around.

Thanks for coming along! I’m afraid it was all a bit delayed but it looked half decent in the end. Some good photos are here for anyone interested:

I thought it all looked excellent come nightfall, thank you for inviting

That looks amazing! Really sad I couldn’t make it in the end, was out celebrating the better half’s graduation (which is something I wasn’t allowed to miss :slight_smile: )

I did at least get to see the LED Gandalf staff at EMF Camp. Fantastic stuff

Glad you liked it :slight_smile: I’m sure Oli will pop along to the boilerroom soon with his Blackpool stick!

Loved the whole glowy geodesic thing !

Is someone getting ideas? :slight_smile:

I might be :wink: