Suggestion of liaising with Cafe Scientifique, Guildford

As mentioned at AGM - this group used to meet once a month at the Keystone. Wonder if Boileroom/liaising with us would work (would also potentially give them a few talks for starters if people wished to participate?)
Contact details at this page as unfortunately Facebook removed their page…
Anyone interested in talking to them? Could work well, they’ve had guest speakers in the past from SSTL, crime scene forensics, stuff about dinosaurs, rocketry, all sorts.

Think I found an email address for them so have pointed them this way (so people know to expect possible queries about hosting a Cafe Sci event in the Boileroom space in the future)

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Excellent, thanks Claire! Sounds promising - I found it a little tricky to find out anything more, but it sounds very interesting. Would love to attend their next event.