Still got a TVRRUG 3d printer?

At the start of lockdown, I lent “my” printer to the initiative hosted by Cisco on Green Park in Reading - a print farm that printed many thousands of face shields.

I say “my” because it actually belongs to David Price. It is the beta build of the never consumated TVRRUG Round 4 Mendel90. I have been using it for the last year of so - in order to use up a stock of 3mm filament that I acquired and keeps getting added to.

It came back to me last week with some very positive feedback on how well it performed. It more than held its own against the likes of Ultimakers and Crealities. Since then a few of us have been considering upgrading our printers and I wondered if any of the numerous TVRRUG members in Surrey and Hampshire might be interested in joining in.

I am able to mill dibond - subject to clearing another Mendel90 (that I was building for the print farm) from my CNC router - and we have some viable design files.